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A specialised programme for building play and social skills in children with autism



Noticing that children with autism and developmental disabilities who regularly came to Coles Park found it difficult to play with other children, Kilikili launched a social and play skills programme. Building skills of children with autism to engage in social play is attacking one of the fundamental difficulties in autism namely social interaction.

A group of mothers and volunteers were trained in running a structured play skills development programme by SarbaniMallick, founder Director of Bubbles Centre for Autism. Subsequently, the Buddies Centre was initiated on the terrace of a volunteer on the 5th of December, 2010. Group play sessions have been conducted almost every Saturday. Through a variety of activities involving music, movement, art, outdoor games, the programme has helped children learn to attend in a group, make requests, follow cues etc.

The Centre has been the organising point for families to come together to celebrate major festivals, birthdays as well as an Annual Buddies Day wherein children have become increasingly independent in performing on the stage.


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