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'How come we never see a child with a disability in a public park?'

It is in this seemingly casual remark by a parent of a child with a developmental delay that the origins of Kilikili may be found. Reflecting on this statement, it became clear to a few parents that there is not ONE park in the garden city of Bangalore that is accessible to children with disabilities. While some may have ramps or smooth pathways, none of the parks or playgrounds have specially designed equipment for children with special needs.

Our Vision

Kilikili aims to create play spaces that will be accessible to all children, regardless of their ability and in so doing, lay the foundations of a more inclusive society, that does not discriminate or exclude on the basis of ability.

Our Mission
  • To create an inclusive society where all children, all people are respected for their unique abilities, where diversity is viewed as a societal strength
  • To promote and fulfill the rights of all children with disabilities to inclusive play and recreation
  • To partner and collaborate with children; with parents, teachers, special educators, medical professionals and other caregivers of children; and with local Municipalities and other relevant government departments, corporate organizations, civil society groups, resident welfare associations, youth and women's groups and the likes in ensuring that children of all abilities have access to play and recreation

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