Our Process

The process followed for setting up Inclusive or specialised play spaces is as follows:

  • Identify a Need

    Kilikili contacts potential partner (Parents' Group, Resident Welfare Association, special school, corporate body) or vice versa. We develop a mutual understanding and commitment for developing an Inclusive or a specialised Play Space play space.

  • Develop a Collective Vision
    We then move to a consultative process with children with and without disabilities, their parents, teachers and rehabilitation professionals to understand what they aspire for in the Play Space.

  • Design
    Professionals work with Kilikili and partners to use inputs from the Consultation to create a design. Evolved ideas and innovations on play equipments and play space development that meets the play needs of children with disabilities, is the key to the design ethos.

  • Collaborate with Authorities
    This step involves presenting the plan to the concerned authority (BBMP in case of Bangalore) and enrolling them to the vision. Here, we seek their financial and developmental support. This may also be presented to other sponsors of the project such as a corporate body as in the case of the projects in schools for the visually impaiored and for a centre that works with children with autism.
  • Execution
    In collaborative projects with the Municipal Corporation, once the plans are approved and funding guaranteed, we give design inputs to the Corporation-appointed civil contractors and play equipment suppliers who then execute the project under our supervision.  In other projects, execution is also our responsibility.

  • Create Communities around the Inclusive Play Space Once the inclusive play spaces are developed, we work to create a strong community of families with children with disabilities, children from special schools, their parents and teachers and volunteers. Special and regular schools in the neighbourhood prove to be a great catalyst in the successful functioning of these inclusive play spaces.


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