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Kilikili was approached by Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited to help with developing a play space in schools for children with disabilities - the Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind and the MathruEducational Trust for the Blind.



Ramana Maharishi Academy for the Blind

Different kinds of fun-filled auditory equipment, that can lend itself to creative use have been installed. The Elephant Slide has bells alongside the steps such that as the children climb, so do the notes! Tubular bells, set to the notes of Hindolamragam, drums made from gas cylinders and a Sound Strip consisting of many sound-making instruments mounted on a frame -  extend the musical experience. Sculptures of turtles with a textured surface and a Wall mural, made of alphabets and numbers in English and Braille was something that fascinated the children. It lends itself to many kinds of games and also serves to sensitise visitors on the Braille language.


Mathru Educational Trust for the Blind

In this school Kilikili helped create an indoor play space (due to space cosntraints) that includeBraille Wall Murals in English and Kannada, a Knots and Crosses game,  Tanagram puzzles and an installation with nuts and bolts and elastic ropes that would enable children form different shapes as well as help children teach mathematical concepts have been constructed. Musical drums as well as a Singing Stone have been installed. The most wonderful thing about this project is that  engaging at the Play Space has been incorporated into the time table thus ensuring sustained use.



Bubbles Centre for Autism, Bileshevale, Bangalore

This specialised Centre that caters to the educational and training needs of children on the autism spectrum has been equipped with a Sensory Park, that aims at enabling the overall evelopment of the child through specially designed equipment. An Obstacle Course covers one length of the Centre and has a tyre tunnel, a tube swing, rope ladder, a small pond, a Burma bridge, a hanging bar and a Climbing Wall. Regular playground equipment such as a rope climber, a walking barrel and textured stepping stones have been installed to help children become familiar to equipments they would see in any park. A pottery table has also been created.

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