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Kilikili is entirely volunteer driven. We have a group of extremely committed and dedicated volunteers who with their passion, creativity and zeal are managing the Events and School programmes, raising resources, taking up new projects, setting up databases, creating websites, designing appeal letters….. just about doing everything that needs to be done!

Does this work excite you? Would you too like to be part of this movement that is changing the way public play spaces are being used? Do you have a little time and skills to offer? Then do join us! We promise you a meaningful experience! Do get in touch with us at info@kilikili.org for exploring volunteering options


Merlyn, Volunteer

"I have been a part of the Kilikili family for the last 10 months and there has been no turning back. Its been only moments of joy and learning. Being a mother of two little boys, I hardly had any time, but eventually I realized that if you have the interest, you will find the time.

I go to Coles Park, at Fraser Town, one Saturday a month; I sometimes take my kids along too. Its been wonderful interacting with kids with special needs. I realized that only patience and constant unwavering love paid off with these little angels. They teach us so much and it's been a growing experience being around them. The children are so happy playing on the safe equipment; they fly so high, yet would never fall off. The parents are happier seeing their kids have a good time. Children, who were scared of climbing even one rung of the ladder, later climbed all the steps confidently. It's slow but a definite growth. I am happy doing what I have been doing. Kilikili is a beautiful baby and she needs our undeterred service to help her grow. Serve others and you will get more than you deserve."

Vinay D R, Volunteer

I started this journey 6 months back with Kilikili team. And I'm falling short of words to express my feelings.

What appeals to me about Kilikili? Firstly the CAUSE behind Kilikili. This unique concept of making play area accessible to specially abled kids is something which will capture your attention at once. Did we ever give a thought to the importance of play for specially abled children?

Earlier I had heard about efforts to make public places accessible for specially abled individuals. But combining this with the play area and there by recognizing the importance of play in a child's life, is something which needs to be applauded.

Secondly the TEAM of Kilikili - highly enthusiastic, motivated and committed. It’s been only 6 months that we are working together, and from day one I have felt the warmth of this team.

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